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Macerich Sees Shopper Trends Changed Going Forward

Macerich Sees Shopper Trends Changed Going Forward Sarah Borchers… May. 17 2021 Teaser Retail REIT advances ESG agenda, even during…

Quits vs. layoffs in recessions and pandemics

The FRED graph above compares job separations and hires in the U.S. economy. Usually there are more hires than separations;…

If It’s in the MLS, Share the Address

NAR’s Board of Directors approves an MLS policy change requiring property addresses for residential listings. Get the scoop on all…

Top 25 Cities Most Likely to Attract Gen Z

The next generation of home buyers is emerging, and a new study analyzes economic and social data to predict where…

Builders: Affordability Hinges on Relief in Material Costs

It’s not just lumber: Steel, concrete, and other materials are climbing at a record pace, too. Original Source

Demand Surges for Cheapest Homes on the Market

Revitalization in once-stagnant neighborhoods could mean fewer opportunities for low-income buyers, experts warn. Original Source

Report: Half of Homes Sell Above List Price

Find out the locations where Redfin agents say more than 80% of their clients’ offers face competition from other buyers….

Experts: Mortgage Rate Declines Won’t Last

Historically low rates are helping home buyers with affordability, but economists warn that upticks are inevitable. Original Source

5G Network Availability Becomes Major Selling Point for Homes

Most house hunters prioritize access to fast home internet and cellular networks above schools, commute time, and neighborhood amenities, a…

Sen. Joe Manchin: ‘It’s Hard to Say No to Your Friend’

West Virginia’s two senators from opposing parties disclose the secret behind stronger bipartisanship. From the virtual 2021 REALTORS® Legislative Meetings,…