500 for the FRED Blog : Recognizing the FRED team and its partners

This is the 500thh post for the FRED Blog, which is a great opportunity to acknowledge all those who make FRED the wonderful data tool that it is.

First, there’s the FRED team itself. These dedicated data specialists and web developers sustain and expand FRED’s structure and service. Of course, the fuel behind FRED is data and FRED’s mission is to disseminate the data. So, it’s the work of 87 data-producing institutions and agencies that allow FRED to do this—by collecting and producing data with integrity and usefulness. See the list of data producers below, but also indulge us for a moment as we acknowledge one especially effective partnership.

The U.S. Census Bureau is one of FRED’s most prolific data producers, and their data team in the Economic Indicators Division has worked closely with the FRED team to ensure all their series are in top form. The two teams share a commitment

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