A friendly warning: Data aren’t perfect : Graphing data can reveal issues that spreadsheets may not

“The greatest value of a picture is when it forces us to notice what we never expected to see.” – John Tukey
FRED gives you the option of downloading data into a spreadsheet. Of course, it’s also common to present the data in graph form, which is much easier on the eyes. But plotting your data is exceptionally important for other reasons.
A graph can give the numbers a clear and convincing voice. And it can also reveal the unexpected. Because your eyes can quickly catch something that simply looks wrong, you may observe the existence of data issues on a graph that would not be immediately apparent when looking only at the numbers.
The FRED graph above plots three vintages of the Economic Policy Uncertainty Index from January 5 (blue), 6 (red), and 7 (green) of 2021. The plots are indistinguishable until December 9, 2020, where the January 6 vintage jumps to

Federal Reserve Source

Author: RealEstate