Ceasing emergency federal unemployment benefits: A look at the latest state-level data

The federal government has provided emergency unemployment insurance (UI) benefits to states since March 2020 to supplement their regular state programs. On June 12, 2021, Alaska, Iowa, Mississippi, and Missouri will stop accepting those benefits. Over the next several weeks, 21 other states will also withdraw from these federal emergency UI benefit programs.

These 25 states are withdrawing from these federal emergency programs before their federally legislated closure in September. They include extended eligibility to many workers who otherwise wouldn’t be covered by state UI programs, a $300 weekly add-on for UI recipients, and an extension of benefits beyond the regular state programs’ duration.

These 25 states, which we refer to as “halting states,” will continue to operate their regular state UI programs (RSPs). The non-halting states will operate both their RSPs and the federal emergency programs. RSP details vary by state, but a typical RSP offers benefits for up to 20

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Author: RealEstate