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How to Build Support for Affordable Housing

Local REALTOR® associations use grants to mobilize members to advocate for housing choice and affordability. Original Source

Biden Appoints New FHFA Acting Director

The Federal Housing Finance Agency sees leadership shakeup following a Supreme Court ruling Wednesday. NAR responds. Original Source

New-Home Sales Drop to Lowest Pace of Year

About 20% of builders limited their sales activity in recent months to manage supply chain challenges affecting materials and labor…

Gen Z Is Eager to Buy Within 5 Years

A new study finds this generation is bullish on housing with plans to target the suburbs. Original Source

Top 10 Issues Affecting Real Estate in 2021

Remote work and mobility top this year’s list from the Counselors of Real Estate. Find out what other issues should…

Even Virtual Real Estate Is Setting Price Records

Blockchain-recorded land prices have surged as part of the NFT crypto-asset market frenzy. Original Source

Loan Demand Rises, Consumers Rush Before Super Low Rates Vanish

It could be the last chance to get the best financing deals, and homeowners and buyers are responding.   Original…

4 Pandemic–Fueled Home Remodeling Trends

Giving greater attention to smaller interior spaces and outdoor projects, find out how homeowners have stayed busy over the past…

Study: Longer Home Tenure Means 17K Fewer Sales

Two major trends are locking homebodies in place and largely contributing to the shortage of homes on the market. Original Source

NAR, Food Recovery Network Partner Up to Combat Hunger

“We hope that our actions will spark others to get involved and address hunger through food recovery wherever they live…