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30 Year Mortgage Rates Hold Steady from Last Week

Freddie Mac has reported 30 year mortgage rates have held steady from last weeks drop, at 4.81 percent


This hold followed a drop in reported rates from October 11 rates of 4.9 percent and the range up to 4.94 percent reported at the November 8 to November 15 time frame.

As rates steady coming into a seasonally slower period, they are still on pace to have increased a full percentage point from the first of the year.

Going forward, rates are projected to settle in at the low 5 percent range for 2019 with another half point increase projected into 2020.(This from the Freddie Mac Primary Mortgage Survey)

Other than seasonality, the mortgage market is facing a fed which is still tightening and unwinding the quantitative easing purchases.  Comments from the Fed Chairman are being watched closely for any sign in a change on tightening monetary policy and for clues as to what 2019 has in store for interest rates.